Traction eRag GrizzBait 2016

The Traction eRag GrizzBait is a go for 2016. If you have a road plated enduro bike, you are well suited for this trip.

We have a critical mass of riders booked. At this point we are filling the remaining trailer slots. There are only a handful of slots available, if you are interested, do not hesitate. For more information about the trip, please check out the feature article in this issue of the Traction eRag:

Below is the UPDATED trip information.

Trip Summary


September 7th – 17th, 2016. 

Location: Terrace, BC to Vancouver, BC in 8 days total with optional off-road days built in.


For those of you who would like to immerse themselves in the Pacific Northwest, GrizzBait is a dream come true.

This ride is an epic adventure.  At the Terrance BC Airport, we are simply an unorganized group of acquaintances. In less than two days we will become a team, working together to achieve a common goal.  By the time we ride into Vancouver, we are a family, galvanized by a series of extraordinary experiences. In five years of hosting trips, this is our most unique adventure.

The proposed dates for bikes on the ground are September 8th to September 17th, but we are not leaving Terrace until the morning of September 10th.  September 8th and 9th will be optional riding days around Terrace.  The trip theme will be similar – we ride from Terrance, BC to Vancouver in 7-8 days, touching as little pavement as possible. This is primarily a dualsport/ADV ride with optional off-road days built in. All routes have been updated so there will be many different experiences to be had.

From the remote mining towns of the northwest, to the desert grasslands of the Chilcotin, to the rocky mountains, you will be immersed in surreal landscapes. For periods of this trip, you won’t believe you are in Canada.

For more information, please contact the Traction eRag: