Sherco Canada 2014 National Enduro Champions


Congratulations to all the 2014 National Enduro Champions in the Sherco Canada National Enduro Championship!

The Sherco Canada 2014 National Enduro Series was comprised of the La Dore and Corduroy Enduros.

Pro / Expert Phillippe Chainé
Expert / Intermédiare Justin Lewis
Intermediate / Junior Olivier Bergeron
Veteran A / Sénior Hugo Gravel
n/a / 30+ Phillippe Lapointe
Veteran B / 40 + Greg Belvedere
Novice A / Amateur Daniel DeCotret
Novice B / n/a Blake Macmillan
Novice C / n/a Kevin Brand
SuperVet A / Amateur 50+ Mark Zimny
SuperVet B / n/a Gary Valko
Women A / Dame Natasha Lachappelle
Women B / n/a Katelyn Irwin

Thank you to Sherco Canada and all of our sponsors and volunteers for making these events possible.

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