The Tags are about 4” by ½” and “as thin as paper”. The same transponder tag is used at all Cross Country races. The cost of your “TAG” is $5.00 and available at the sign-up area of any event.


Tag Placement

Tags are to be placed on the underside of your helmet visor. They must be placed at least 2″ from any other Tag. Before placing the Tag on the visor you must clean the surface to insure no dirt, oils or any substance that will interfere with the adhesive on the Tag. As in the past, do not place the Tag on or near metal as this will interfere with Tag performance. You need to take care while cleaning the Tag and around the Tag area. DO NOT use any harsh chemicals or scrub the Tag as this will damage your investment. A simple paper towel with water should do the trick. If you have a carbon-fiber helmet, the Tag can be placed on the back side of your chest protector, or the back side of your front number plate.



Spectators will have “LIVE” online scoring. With the use of a Smart-Phone, Tablet or a computer (with internet connection) you will be able to view up-to-the-minute race information; class, place, lap time…etc…

Transponder “TAG” re-verification will be done as you enter the starting area. More info on how this will all work will be provided…

We have also made many behind the scene updates that will make the Registration, Tech Inspection and Scoring experience improved. Although you might not see the improvements, they will make the series run smoother.

If you have any questions about Tag placement or any race related question, please contact us at

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