Rules, Classes, and Number Plates

Some Off-Road Ontario Racing Basics:

Are you ready for some off-road racing? Off-Road Ontario is here to deliver! Whether you’re a seasoned racer or new to the sport, we have something for everyone. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Cross-Country (XC) and Enduro Series: These are our two main race types, each offering a thrilling experience. Kids have their own race classes, so it’s fun for the whole family!
  • New to Racing?: No worries! Our 2024 “BEGINNER” class is perfect for those just starting out. It’s a friendly, no-pressure environment designed for new riders. If you’ve raced in other motorcycle disciplines, we have other classes that might suit you better.
  • XC Series Details: Attention XC racers! Remember, your race number and plate colors are unique to this series. They don’t apply to the Enduro races.
  • Race Schedule:
    • 08:30 AM: Peewee (30 minutes)
    • 09:00 AM: MINI and Women’s Novice (1 Hour)
    • 10:30 AM: Adult Amateur (2 Hours, 1 Hour e-Moto)
    • 1:00 PM: Adult Expert (2 to 2.5 hours, varies by class)
  • The Enduro Series for Adults (16 and Older):
    • Ready for a challenge? Our Enduro Series is geared towards riders aged 16 and up. It’s a perfect way to test your skills and endurance on diverse terrains. Whether you’re an experienced rider or looking to step up your game, this series offers an exciting and competitive environment.
  • The Youth Enduro Series (Under 16 Years):
    • Young racers, we haven’t forgotten about you! Our Youth Enduro Series is specifically designed for riders under 16. This series provides a safe and fun racing environment, tailored to help you develop your off-road racing skills. It’s a great way to get started in the sport and prepare for future racing adventures.

Note: Race times can change based on weather and organizer schedules.

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2024 Off-Road Ontario Rules:

Download the complete rules here, or read the PDF:


Cross-Country (XC) Race Numbers and Plates:

For those new to Off-Road Ontario, choosing the right class is essential to ensuring you get the most out of your racing experience. Below you will find a list of classes, descriptions to help you decide what class is best, number plate colours, and other helpful information.

Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Pro
Professional racers. Advancement is determined by the competition committee. XC Races are 2.5 hours. Enduros include special tests for this class.FMSQ = Expert1-4913:00
Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Women's Pro
Professional women racers. Advancement is determined by the competition committee. 2 hour XC races. Special test sections.FMSQ = Dame Experte900-99913:00
Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Expert
Expert riders progressing towards the pro class or non-pro racers seeking to ride in a highly competitive class. Advanced obstacles, 2.5 hour XC races, special sections in Enduro races.FMSQ = Expert / Intermédiaire, 30+50-9913:00
Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Vet Expert
The most competitive Vets (40+) races. This class often consists of former professional and expert level riders. Advanced obstacles, 2 hour XC races, special sections in Enduro racesFMSQ: 40+ (Expert)100-19913:00
Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Intermediate A
A competitive class for skilled off-road racers who have yet to progress to the Expert class. This class may also be suitable for skilled MX riders entering the off-road scene.FMSQ: Intermédiaire, 30+, Junior

The entry class for the afternoon classes races. Racers would generally outperform all races in the morning classes.FMSQ: Intermédiaire, 30+, Junior300-39913:00
40+ A
A competitive level class or riders over the age of 40 years.FMSQ: Amateur 40+ 400-49910:30
50+ A
An open class for anyone over the age of 50 years.FMSQ: Amateur 50+700-79910:30
An open class for anyone over the age of 60 years.FMSQ: Amateur 60+900-99910:30
Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Novice A
Typically the fastest class in the morning race. Intended for amateur, non-expert racers under the age of 40 who are not ready for advancement to the afternoon intermediate and expert race classes.
FMSQ: Amateur A500-59910:30
An entry level / beginner class for those over 16 years of age. Riders are expected to avoid this class if they are experienced dirt bike riders or have racing experience from previous years.FMSQ: Débutant, Amateur 30+800-89910:30
40+ B
Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Intermediate A
B class competitive class for anyone over the age of 40.FMSQ: Amateur 40+, Débutant600-69910:30
50+ B
Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Expert
B class competitive class for anyone over the age of 50.100-19910:30
Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Women's Pro
Skilled women riders who are seeking a competitive class among like-minded peers.FMSQ: Dame Intermédiaire900-99910:30
Riders under the age of 16 and are not racing in the Mini A or B series.FMSQ: Amateur 17- 700-74910:30
Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Expert Trail Rider
A class designed specifically for first-time racers and inexperienced riders to get a sense of what racing is about before advancing to more competitive classes. This class is NOT for anyone with previous motorcycle race experience in any discipline (MX, etc.). MAX ONE YEAR IN THIS CLASS.FMSQ: Sportsman, Débutant1000-109910:30
Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Women's Pro
1 hour race. Entry level women’s class. Shorter and slower paced race with sweepers and support.Dame Débutant B900-99909:00

1 hour race. Maximum age of 14 years old. Bikes up to 105cc 2 stroke, or 150cc 4 stroke. Maximum front wheel size of 19”.1A-99A09:00

1-hour race. Maximum age of 11. Bikes up to 65cc 2 stroke or 110cc 4 stroke. Max front wheel size is 16″1B-99B09:00
Off-road Ontario Number Plate - Expert
Full-size (19″ front wheel min) electric motorcycles (NO Pedal-Assist bicycles) for ages 15 and up. 1-hour races running with the morning adult classes.
Those under 15, on electric motorcycles would enter Mini or PeeWee.
A 30 min race for our youngest riders. Parents are able to see children and assist where needed. Max 8 years old. Front wheel no larger than 14″.

This is the more competitive of the two PEEWEE classes
The same race course as our PEEWEE A, but for those youngsters just starting out in racing. This class is meant for younger or beginner racers in the class, those riding non-competitive trail bikes, or training wheels.1D-99D08:30
** Not all races start at the designated time. For accurate race start times, racers are required to check the race information sheet available on the website, social media, or at the location of the event. All race times are subject to changes depending on weather or other extenuating circumstances.