Revolver Multi-Tool – LIVE ON KICKSTARTER


Simplify your tool kit with one of these!

Many of you from OO probably know Bryan Kowalchuk so it won’t surprise you to learn he has been busy working away in his basement on his latest design project: The Revolver Multi-Tool.  This tool can be customized for different bikes (KTM, Berg, Husky, Japanese, BMW etc.)  It is designed for trail-side use and has nearly everything you would need to full disassemble your bike in one lightweight, compact design.  The Kickstarter campaign is now live!  If you’d like a tool, support the campaign and he’ll send you one when they’re complete.

Check out the video in the link.  I don’t know how much he had to pay his daughter to be in it.

Also check out some of the other designs on the BKE Racing website.