Off-Road Ontario Racing Results

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2024 Race Results:

Doug Kent Memorial Beagle Bash
Black Diamond Hard Enduro
The Corduroy Enduro (SATURDAY)
The Corduroy Enduro (SUNDAY)
The Corduroy Enduro (COMBINED)
Road Apples
Black Bear Day 1
Black Bear Day 2
Humber River Hurry
Voodoo Ranch
Woodford Creek
The Corduroy Youth Enduro
Gopher Dunes Day 1
Gopher Dunes Day 2
Cochrane’s NTR XC
Walton Day 1
Walton Day 2
Chloe’s Kingdom Day 1
Chloe’s Kingdom Day 2
Gully Mor

2023 Overall Results

Afternoon Adult Grand Championship
Morning Adult Grand Championship
Mini Grand Championship
Peewee Grand Championship
Adult Afternoon XC Championship
Adult Morning XC Championship
Junior XC Championship
Enduro Championship
Junior Grand Championship
PeeWee Sprint Enduro Championship
PeeWee XC Championship
Women Novice Grand Championship
Mini A, B, Women’s Novice Sprint Enduro Championship
Women’s Novice XC Championship

2023 Race Results:

Beagle Bash (April 30)
Oomen Youth Enduro (July 8-9)
Chelmsford Youth Enduro (July 22)
Chelmsford Sprint Enduro
Woodford Creek Youth Enduro (May 6)
The Corduroy Enduro (Sept 22-24) (COMBINED)
The Corduroy Enduro (SATURDAY)
The Corduroy Enduro (SUNDAY)
The Corduroy Youth Enduro (Sept 23)
Terra Nova (October 15)
Gopher Dunes Day 1 (May 20)
Gopher Dunes Day 2 (May 21)
RJs OCMC (June 4)
Walton Day 1 (June 24)
Walton Day 2 (June 25)
Chloe’s Kingdom Day 1 (August 5)
Chloe’s Kingdom Day 2 (August 6)
Chloe’s Kingdom (COMBINED)
Gully Mor (September 17)
Official Results posted above as they come available. Non-official results are subject to Rule “1.5.6 Protests and Appeals

Off-Road Ontario Overall Results 2023:

Mini A & B Grand Championship Series
PeeWee Grand Championship series
PeeWee, Mini A & B, Women Novice & PeeWee Sprint Enduro
PeeWee XC Championship
Junior Sprint Enduro series
Junior Grand Championship series

Off-Road Ontario Overall Results (Historic)



2021 1:00 XC Results
2021 10:30 XC Results
2021 09:30 XC Results
2021 Pee Wee Results

2019 Afternoon Class Grand Championship
2019 Morning Class Grand Championship
2019 09:00 Grand Championship
2019 1:00 XC Results
2019 10:30 XC Results
2019 09:00 XC Results
2019 Pee Wee Results
2019 Enduro Results

* Non-official results are subject to Rule “1.5.6 Protests and Appeals

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