Mini Pine Enduro

Article by Suzanne Howie
minipine2013This last weekend the second round of the Off Road Ontario Enduro series kicked off in the Ganaraska Forest. While many across Canada were sitting down for Mother’s Day Brunch, 194 off road enthusiasts were gearing up for a ride that would take them through some beautiful trail, and a day that would see sunshine, snow, rain and even hail by the time the day was through. When the weather was co operating, the day was beautiful, and even when it wasn’t the trails remained enjoyable.

“It’s the Ganny, you know?

It has its own weather pattern,” as Melissa Head put it before the event.
The Mini Pine is noted by many as the start of the season, as the road legal requirement limits some riders from participating in the Beagle Bash. Hosted by the Oshawa Competition Motorcycle Club, the Mini Pine is an 80 km loop (with a 40 km option for beginners and trail riders). With over 190 participants, spread out over 50 minutes, the event was a huge success. Racers began leaving the Sandaraska Trailer Park staging area at 10:01, with last year’s Expert Champion, Zach Lewis, making his Pro debut season. There was a full showing in the Pro class with series favourites Josh Long and Brian Wojnarowski facing off for the third time this season. Long ended up getting the win, forcing Wojo to take home second. Lewis rounded out the podium.
ISDE Women’s Cup contender Felicia Robichaud showed the Expert Class how to ride like a girl, finishing 9th. She wasn’t the only girl out there with the men; the Head Sisters, Melissa and Emily, continued to challenge the men’s class in Novice B, missing the cut off for the Novice A divide in the off season. Overall, the day was a huge success with riders from all classes having an amazing time. The trails were clearly marked, and even if the weather didn’t cooperate, conditions
in the Ganny were perfect for a fun filled day of off road racing.
The series will be moving into cross country mode next week with the opening round of the OO XC series in Colborne, Ontario. The NTR hosted event will take place on May 19, and has traditionally been a well attended event with riders from both Ontario and Quebec participating.
The next round of the OO Enduro Series will be the Terra Nova Enduro, September 1, but if you can’t wait that long, be sure to check out the Eastern Canada Enduro Championship series with Rounds 1 & 2 taking place in La Dore, Quebec on July 27 & 28. This FMSQ sponsored event is one of four that will comprise the ECEC this year.

In addition to the countless volunteers from OCMC that ran checks, cut and marked course and all in all made for a great event, Offroad Ontario would like to thank all of our great series sponsors: KTM Canada, Yamaha Canada, Honda Canada, Machine Racing, GP Bikes, Bowie Contracting ltd, Hone Printing, Orange Motorsports, Apex Cycle, Swampy’s Racing Supplies, Woody’s Cycle, LB Graphics, Cecile Gambin Photography, Free Flow MX Park, Lachapelle Racing Products and Asselstine Country.

1 – Joshua Long
2 – Brian Wojnarowski
3 – Zach Lewis
1 – Conner Brogan
2 – Scott Hoare
3 – Brook Jones
1 – Curtis Rumbel
2 – Ryder Heacock
3 – Greg Oldham
Vet A
1 – Craig Kennedy
2 – Jon Head
3 – Giles Bussiere
Vet B
1 – Tim Carney
2 – Armin Kowitz
3 – Cam Lowe
Novice A
1 – Jim Bole
2 – Nick Ferguson
3 – Dave Beach
Novice B
1 – Ben Post
2 – Rob Tobin
3 – Jarrett Richard
Novice C
1 – Robin Walton
2 – Ian Haar
3 – Tupac Lopez
Super Vet A
1 – Tim Hart
2 – Elmo Rutnik
3 – Jamie Jones
Super Vet B
1 – Mark Guindon
2 – Keith Quade
3 – Ed Strohak
Women A
1 – Cecile Gambin
2 – Jaime Kowitz
3 – Tammie Wilson
Women B
1 – Jade Buchanan
2 – Jacqueline Legere
3 – Suzanne Howie