“Two-Days in June” June 8-9.


Lansdowne, Ont.
401 Exit # 659

Don’t forget to come on out to the Albalea on June 8th! Part of the Offroad Ontario KTM Cross Country Series! Albalea was a successful race in its inaugural year and Woodvale Racing hopes to make this years race even better! After listening to some suggestions from riders, this still technical course has been opened up to allow some more passing, been given a longer grass track, and has an improved extreme section for afternoon class riders! Also, some of the hard hit areas from last year have been changed!

Basic camping on site if needed. There is no power or water. There will be a community bonfire Friday night, please no personal bonfires.

There will be a BBQ on race day. All proceeds will go to charity.!

Free Flow Cross Country Race, June 09
Location : FREE FLOW MX Park
Shannonville, Ont.
401 Exit # 556

What’s new at Free Flow? Overall the length will be the same as last year, nine klm, but 700 meters of new trail eliminating some straights.

New: More serviced camp sites, new showers with hot water, more parking and of course a music jamboree till 11:00pm.

Judging by the weather we have had recently there might be a bit of mud on the course. Tough to get stuck though when there is only a few inches of soil over the rock shelf.

Shannonville offers amenities such as a coin wash, Laundromat, restaurant, bake shop, connivance stores and of course about a dozen gas stations and smoke shops.

Standard OO time schedules will apply.



Warren Thaxter;;

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