Horra…Motopark XC Rd #2

Article by Suzanne Howie
motopark2013MotoPark has hosted national motocross and off road events in the past, but this was the first time it would host an Off Road Ontario Cross Country. The challenging course featured many rocky uphills and pebbled single track, and by the time the Afternoon classes took to the field the rocks and roots lurking under the fresh cut trail, painstakingly cut and cleared by volunteers from the Halton Off Road Riders Association, began to rear their special kind of ugliness.
For the early morning class, however, the conditions couldn’t be better! Fresh cut trails, lots of arrows and ribbon all greeted the Mini/Womens B classes. While there was some debate as to how the beginner and small wheel bikes would manage in MotoPark’s notoriously rough rock gardens, most riders were able to get through with only a little difficulty. The orange rocket of Jamie Baskerville had no problem whatsoever;  he managed to put the whole field down a lap!
The late Morning line up of Super Vet A/B, Vet B, Novice B, Ladies and Novice C had an extra kilometre of trail, getting to challenge a few of the gnarlier pieces of single track but more intimidating: the hills. MotoPark has some steep elevation change which, on its own, isn’t a problem. Add to that the infamous loose rocks that the facility is known for and you’re left with a pebbled hill that can claim a rider with one misplaced tire. There were plenty of pipe wreckers, but again, the OO riders soldiered on.
The grass track, which in the early morning was a bit slick, grew into its own as the day went on. While the flat turns and hard pack still required deliberate effort to maintain speed, the corners ripped up nicely. “It was a pretty good course,” said a morning rider. “It was different, that’s for sure.” The big boys in the afternoon had clear skies and crisp air for their full 6.5 km course. While the MotoPark round will undoubtedly be one of the shortest courses of the series, the technical rock gardens made for some interesting lines coming out in the afternoon.
The Pro class was off the line, with Long, Wojo and Lewis all going for the hole shot. Each of the three had the lead at one point or another, but it was the experienced MotoPark victory, Wojo, who ended on the top of the podium when the day was done. Long fell off the blistering blue bike’s pace, but remained in front of Lewis for 2nd. Jake Tustin took off like a rocket from the start and was able to fight off the pressure from Conner Brogan for almost the entire event, including riding four laps with a flat tire! Brogan eventually took the win, Tustin only dropping a single position.

The next race is at RJ’s; traditionally the best turn out of the year.

In addition to the dozens of HORRA volunteers, including team leaders Rick Day, Wayne Brogan, John vanden Hoek and Paula Graham, Off Road Ontario would like to thank all of its fantastic series sponsors: KTM Canada, Yamaha Canada, Honda Canada,  Machine Racing, GP Bikes, Bowie Contracting ltd, Hone Printing, Orange Motorsports, Apex Cycle, Swampy’s Racing Supplies, Woody’s Cycle, LB Graphics, Cecile Gambin Photography, Free Flow MX Park, Lachapelle Racing Products and Asselstine


1 – Brian Wojnarowski
2 – Josh Long
3 – Zach Lewis
1 – Conner Brogan
2 – Jake Tustin
3 – Jed Franko
1 – Jeremy Quinn
2 – Alan Snively
3 – Brett Thibert
Vet A
1 – Dave Nelson
2 – Paul Andratis
3 – Paul LaChance
Novice A
1 – Andrew MacHardy
2 – Cakkym Marceau
3 – Stephen Tew
Super Vet A
1 – Elmo Rutnik
2 – Tim Hart
3 – John Nelson
Vet B
1 – Tim Carney
2 – Chris Scherk
3 – Brent Phifer
Super Vet B
1 – Keith Quade
2 – Dave Rumbell
3 – Ted Dirstein
Novice B
1 – Jordon Ikola
2 – Peter Gumny
3 – Hunter Allison
Novice C
1 – Stuart Manser
2 – Jeffery Quinn
3 – Ryan Zanelli
Ladies A
1 – Brooke Kares
2 – Porche Reynolds
3 – Jill Carney
Mini A
1 – Jamie Baskerville
2 – Keegan Frederiks
3 – Cole Allison
Mini B
1 – Curtis Marshall
2 – Devyn Marshall
3 – Ronan Reynolds
Ladies B
1 – Suzanne Howie
2 – Maggie Fittler
3 – Rachael Tustin

Pro Standings
1 – Josh Long (47)
2 – Brian Wojnarowski (47)
3 – Zach Lewis (40)
4 – Aaron Wilkins (28)
5 – Kevin Cockayne (28)
6 – Bryan Marshall (25)
7 – Kurtis Holmes (20)
8 – Alexandre Legault (16)
9 – Brayden Jones (14)
10 – Riley Jones (12)
Grand Champion Standings
1 – Josh Long (97)
2 – Brian Wojnarowski (91)
3 – Zach Lewis (60)
4 – Kevin Cockayne (54)
5 – Bryan Marshall (39)
6 – Darryl Forsbey (32)
7 – Brandon Camboreri (30)
8- Riley Jones (28)
9 – Mike Vanden Hoek (27)
10 – Alan Randt (20)