Current Race Status

READY TO RACE? Finally some great news.

Off-Road Ontario XC and Enduro Series are back! Here is what we think the season will look like:

XC Series

Gopher Dunes XC – Jun 20th – (moved to Saturday)
Promoters: Trevor Wideman / Rob Lang / Derek Schuster

Chloe’s Kingdom XC – Aug 1st
Promoter: Quinn Alfonso

Gully Mor XC – Sept 12th & 13th
Promoters: Trevor Wideman / Rob Lang

Enduro Series

Great Pine – Aug 16th – CANCELLED
Corduroy – Sept 25th -27th – TO BE CONFIRMED
Terra Nova – Oct 18th – TO BE CONFIRMED

Ensuring the health and safety of our racers, volunteers and community is our utmost priority, so we will be implementing COVID-19 guidelines at all events, and it is our expectation that all rules and safety measures be followed to ensure we can continue racing. We will be providing more detailed safety guidelines shortly, including, but not limited to:

Mandatory pre-registration and electronic waivers, no exceptions.
• Self-screening prior to attending the event.
• Plexiglass screens to protect those selling and programming LiveLaps tags.
• 2 metre markings at tag / helmet tap lineup.
• Limiting additional spectators (example, only immediate family that must be there for the rider to compete).
• No podium awards ceremony at end of races. We encourage you to come for your race and leave once done.
• No official series championships (bragging rights only).• adequate social distancing between vehicles in the parking area.
• Handwashing stations with soap and water.
• Sound check personnel need to remain 2 metres from riders.
• General “riders meeting” guidelines available online prior to the event.
• Currently reviewing changes to start lineup process at both XCs and Enduros.
• Peewees: ensuring tracks maintain sightlines of all kids at all times, allowing parents to assist their own children.

We will make a full list of the COVID-19 Safety Guidelines available prior to the events. The final piece of good news is that memberships paid in 2020 will carry over to 2021. Day passes are still an option for 2020.

Note: 2019 race numbers will be held until Jun 14th.To register, please click on the link below:
We hope all of our race community members are healthy and safe, and we look forward to seeing you all at the races.

Your Off-Road Ontario Team