Beagle Bash Enduro

Article by Suzanne Howie
beaglebash2013The 2013 Offroad Ontario enduro series kicked off in southwestern Ontario this past weekend. The Lynn Valley Dirt Riders hosted immensely successful 2013 running of the Beagle Bash Enduro. In the of increasing restrictions it was good to see so many riders in one of SW longest running events. Ninety-one racers, Forty-five trail riders were met with less than spring like conditions. By the time the race began, the frost had melted and the skies were clear. The sun remained throughout the day,and both competitive and recreational, had an enjoyable day.
It was the first race of the season and everyone was excited. While some were concerned that weather in the area cause mud holes to develop it turned out to be just enough. The soft, loamy dirt was described by one rider, Expert Phillip Radis, as “perfect, chocolate cake dirt.” A sentiment shared by many. “It was a great day,” Pro winner Josh Long commented after the race. “The trails were Perfect”  The course was broken down into several different sections of trail, utilizing as little road as possible. A rider favourite was the trail section near the home of LVDR volunteers Mike and Yvonne van Hove. The trail, originally cut by their son, former CMA #1 plate holder Chris van Hove, is a prime example of “for racers, by racers” trail cutting.
The first race sets the tone for the rest of the year, and in the case of this season things are looking like they’re going to be tight. A mere six seconds separated third place Pro, American Alan Randt, and sixth place Bryan Marshall. Zach Lewis was promoted to Pro over the winter, leaving a void at the top of the Expert class, with any number of fast riders, both known and unknown, looking to fill it. Super Vet Elmo Rutnik is always fast, and Vet Ex rider Craig Kennedy is a staple at the enduros. With a number of new names bringing some fresh talent to the series, the fourth year of Offroad Ontario is already shaping up to be a good one.

The next event takes place in the Ganaraska Forrest, hosted by the Oshawa Competition Motorcycle Club (OCMC) on May 12.

In addition to the countless volunteers at the LVDR club, Offroad Ontario would like to thank all of our great series sponsors: KTM Canada, Yamaha Canada, Honda Canada, Machine Racing, GP Bikes, Bowie Contracting ltd, Hone Printing, Orange Motorsports, Apex Cycle, Swampy’s Racing Supplies, Woody’s Cycle, LB Graphics, Cecile Gambin Photography, Free Flow MX Park, Lachapelle Racing Products and Asselstine Country.

1 – Joshua Long
2 – Brian Wojnarowski
3 – Alan Randt
1 – Philip Radis
2 – Kyle Guindon
3 – Patrick Trembley
1 – Jeremy Quinn
2 – Todd Temporale
3 – John Ferris
Vet A
1 – Craig Kennedy
2 – Rome Haloftis
3 – Paul Lachance
Super Vet B
1 – Marc Guindon
2 – Keith Quade
3 – Mike Blanken
Novice A
1 – Mark Graham
2 – Jim Bolle
3 – Jimi Engl
Vet B
1 – Jim Carney
2 – Graham McGregor
3 – Mark Burt
Super Vet A
1 – Elmo Rutnik
2 – Lance Matthews
3 – Gary Klassen
Novice B
1 – Chris Washburn
2 – Shawn Hall
3 – Rob Tobin
Novice C
1 – Wally Matheson
2 – Ed Chaplin
3 – Ronald Rocheleau
1 – Nathalie Tremblay
2 – Jill Carney