Champions and Promotions

The Championship #1 plate presentations will take place at 2pm on Sunday Jan 5th, 2014. Presentations will take place on the Stage in Hall #4.

Class Promotions
The following link ( Promotions ) will take you to the rider class promotions for the 2014 season as determined by the OO Competition Committee, chaired for 2014 by Wayne Brogan. Thank you outgoing Chairman, Ted Dirstein, new OO President, for your efforts with the committee since OO’s inception.

Anyone wishing to bump themself up a class is free to do so. You will have
to advise the OO Registrar, administrator or myself via pm, or email, of
your change request, so that we can edit your default class in the
Registration System before you register for 2014.Anyone wishing to contest their class promotion, or move down from their
current class, can appeal to the Competition Committee via pm.Congratulations to all of the promoted racers, and Happy New year to all of