2.7.1 Top finishing riders in their respective classes at the end of the season will be promoted to the next advanced class. Year-end review of the results by Competition Committee will determine who advances. A rider may appeal advancement to the Off-Road Ontario Board of Directors.

2.7.2 Riders may not self-promote or demote themselves. All class changes, either up or down must be approved by the Competition committee.

To Pro

Josh Cetto

Devon Moore

Kenny Henderson

Peter Nickel

Christian Cooper

Dan Mead

Sky Metcalfe

To Women Pro

Vanesa Carwright

Megan Chapman

Lea Ebacher

Rachel Sheney 

To Expert

Jermey Bertram

Mitch Hreljac

Shawn Clewlow

Simon Ferraton

Kaes Knights

Malcolm McKinnon

Justin Roy

Ethan Kehoe

Tiago Dos Reis

To Vet Expert

Pawel Gogal

Jimmy Ivy

Jeremy Fisher

Gino Filice

Clayton Irwin

Jason Griffeth

Nick Devito

To Intermediate B

Alex Oberparleiter – from Novice B

Matt Oberparleiter – from Novice B

Chris Pletsch – from Novice B

Lauris Esterlins – from Novice A

Caleb Roddy – from Novice A

Lucas Stanois – from Novice A

Ryan Cranston – from Novice A

Maxime Guimond – from Novice A

To Intermediate A

Ryan Brooks – from Intermediate B

Luc Gallant – from Intermediate B

Edicarlos Oliveria – from Intermediate B

Sean Stone – from Intermediate B

Jacek Szczachor – from Intermediate B

Mark Ferriss – from Intermediate B

Travis Scott – from Intermediate B

Luke Travaglini – from Novice A

Jackson Lima – from Novice A

Alefe De Cassio – from Novice A

To 40+ A

Ryan Kendree

Mike Toneguzzo

Ben Tastula

Mackenzie Bell

Chris Bateman

James Wilton

Marc-Patrick Benoit

Joel Lanoix

Craig Daley

Jean Francois Legault

To Novice A

Cameron Cooper – from Junior

Nicholas Hunt – from Junior

Nick Kendree-Bendora – from Junior

Ryder Griffeth – from Junior

Jacob Carney – from Junior

Lucas Culbert-Castelo – from Junior

Kevin Bialowski – from Novice B

William Craftchick – from Novice B

Jake Ferrante – from Novice B

Cody Riches – from Novice B

Nick Kish – from Novice B

Jesse Ward – from Novice B

William Kosowan – from Novice B

Daniel McIvor – from Novice B


This is a list of rider’s from Vet 50 and Vet 55 to be moved to populate 50 A. The balance of the riders can remain in 50 B or if age allows, 60+:

  • Dave Nelson
  • Paul Andratis
  • Charles Waggoner
  • Chris Donald
  • Mark Patrell
  • Eric Brazeau
  • Martin Saurette
  • Benoit Simard
  • Randy Leach
  • Matt Spigelmyer
  • Christophe Eliet
  • Rob Hewitt
  • Michel Marcoux
  • Kevin Perry
  • Joel McDonald
  • Alan Randt
  • Thierry Lacombe
  • Mike Manulty
  • Scott Hunt 
  • Ken Henderson Sr
  • Gilles Bussiere
  • Guido Knieling