2015 President’s Update

It’s 2015 and the beginning of a new season.  Thank you for a great 2014 season.

During November, we wrapped up the year with our general meetings and started planning for 2015.  Your suggestions for rule changes and input for the general operation of OffRoad Ontario have initiated a few changes.  No changes in class structure are anticipated with an aim toward continuity but a few of our rules are undergoing change based on your suggestions.

I am pleased to announcethat all members of the 2014 OffRoad Ontario Executive Board and  Administrative members will continue their roles through 2015.  This is an outstanding team of some of the most dedicated enthusiasts in our sport.  They all bring a huge amount of race experience and are here because they are passionate about racing.  Several of these individuals are veterans of multiple seasons at making OffRoad Ontario function and it is my privilege to work with such a team to bring you some of the best off-road competition on the planet.  New this year are positions that have been created to enhance operations.  Jeremy Quinn has been responsible for most of what you see on the website Newsfeed.  His role is expanded to all Public Relations including media coverage for 2015.  The team of Delaney Brogan and Porsche Reynolds will reach out to you in 2015 with social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The Contacts section of our main web page introduces the 2015 Executive Board members and 2015 Administrative members.

On January 4th at the Toronto Motorcycle Show, the champions of 2014 took the stage.  Congratulations to these talented racers who achieved the top positions.  Upon accepting his #1 plate for Novice C, Rob Price offered the encouragement to all racers to “just keep trying”.  A special thanks to Pro class champion, Brian Wojnarowski for presenting the #1 PeeWee plate to 8 year old Ella Carrigan.

We owe a lot to our sponsors for their gracious support through 2014.  Corporate contributions play a large role in making our race programs possible.   Please think of these companies and businesses when making your choices through the coming season.

Registration costs have been increased a small amount in 2015 to $30 per year online or $50 if registering at an event.  Still one of the best values in motorcycling!

Land use for some of our venues is always an obstacle with last season being no exception.  In spite of this, we see a return to a couple of our favourite courses at Cochranes in Colborne and Woodys near Perth.  In addition, a brand new course is being introduced in Eastern Ontario at Lombardy.  The schedule is out now.

The racing that is presented for 2015 is a product of the hard work of local clubs and organizers.  Volunteers are always in demand and participating in club activities can be very rewarding. You can give a lot back to the sport by joining.

We are very excited about the 2015 season and expect it will the best one yet.  See you on the starting line.

Your President,

Ted Dirstein