Fouled Plugs – Brush Axe Sprint Enduro

Kearney 14 Lake Drive, Kearney

The Fouled Plugs will be hosting the Kearny Brush Axe Sprint Enduro again this year after the success of last years event. A fun and technical course with three different tests.

KW Cycle Sport – Anthill Classic Cross Country Race

Anthill Classic 8348 Selinger Road, Moorefield

The Anthill Classic is a unique cross country event because of the length of each lap which can exceed 24km. Because of the length of the lap, all classes start at the same time and are out on the course at the same time. Expect a challenging course with a few unique features thrown in to keep it interesting. Make sure to stick around until the end. The KW Cycle Sport guys always seem to hand out fantastic door prizes.

Gopher Dunes XC, Courtland

Gopher Dunes 4385 Norfolk County Hwy 59, Courtland

Get your sand fix, like when you were a kid playing in the sand box in the back yard. A pro-class MX track is included at no extra charge.

Chloe’s Kingdom XC, Cloyne

Chloe’s Kingdom Cloyne

New to the Offroad Ontario XC series this year is Chloe’s Kingdom. Located in the rocky part of Ontario on