Beagle Bash Enduro, Courtland – Lynn Valley Dirt Riders

Gopher Dunes 4385 Norfolk County Hwy 59, Courtland

Always a great way to start the season, the Beagle Bash Enduro is a favourite. Utilizing woodlots that are only ridden for this event, it offers an enjoyable mix of high quality single track.

Gopher Dunes XC, Courtland

Gopher Dunes 4385 Norfolk County Hwy 59, Courtland

Get your sand fix, like when you were a kid playing in the sand box in the back yard. A pro-class MX track is included at no extra charge.

RJ’s XC, Barrie: OCMC

RJ's Motorsports 1633 Old 2 S, Midhurst

RJ's is a unique event in the series because it offers a complete, world class motocross track as part of the course. Test out your "Bubba Scrub" on the big jumps, or just role them if you are not James Stewart. A sandy track with enough variation in terrain to keep it interesting and challenging.

Cochranes XC, Brighton: NTR

Cochranes 248, Cochrane Road, Cramahe

A fun course with a good mix of everything. Tight woods, grass track, and some interesting hills.