For all events, all competitors will be required to sign a liability release and waiver.  Adults 18 years and over will sign the Adult Release and Waiver, while minors under the age of 18 will sign the Minor Participant Acknowledgment of Risk form and also require the signature of both parents on a Parental Release of Liability.

Be sure you know and understand the content of the waiver.  The forms are available at the links to view or download as well as at the events.

Adult Competitor Release and Waiver

At this time, competitors 18 years and older will sign the release and waiver Adult Release and Waiver at each event through the season during the sign-in process.

Competitors Under 18 Years Old – Parental Release

If you are a minor under the age of 18, you cannot sign the adult Release and Waiver form.  Instead, you will need to sign this form Minor Participant Acknowledgment of Risk and have BOTH parents/guardians sign this form Parental Release of Liability.  It is important to obtain the signatures of both parents or legal guardians.  This can be done at each event or you can do this in advance by printing, reading and signing the forms.

Multiple-Event Parental Release for Competitors Under 18 Years Old

We have introduced new multiple-event forms for those under 18 to eliminate the need to have parents attend during sign-in.  These multiple-event forms are effective starting with the Free Flow XC.  Print these two forms, Parental Release of Liability and Minor Participant Acknowledgment of Risk, read them and sign them along with both parents/guardians signatures.  Submit the completed forms to the Off Road Ontario member registration table at an event and get your member card validated that the forms are on file with Off Road Ontario.  Do that once and entry for a rider under 18 becomes faster and easier. Much easier for the parents too not having to accompany your son/daughter through sign-in. It also solves the problem where a son or daughter pools with a family other than their own to attend an event. Our insurance provider requires both parents to sign but the advantages of a multiple event release far out-weigh the inconvenience of being accompanied by parents at every race entry.