This is only a partial compilation of the people behind Off-Road Ontario.  There are many more and Off-Road Ontario would not exist without their efforts.


Jill Carney – Competition Chairman – Growing up I never thought I would be this involved in this sport. My obsession was horses. I have started dirt bike riding and racing in 2011. I won my first Enduro Championship and Grand Championship in 2012 and since have won six more titles. Racing has become our family’s passion, with my husaband and our kids also with winning streaks.
I’ve been very active with Halton Off-Road Riding Assocation and their events. I am a racer, race mom, race wife, photographer, and event organizer so why not take on the job of Competition Committee Chairman. I am a big fan of the sport and the series and am looking forward to the upcoming year!

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Jeremy Quinn – Past President

Jeremy grew up around motorized vehicles but didn’t have the opportunity to pursue of racing until later in life. Now in his late 30’s he is determined to learn to ride faster and hopefully be competitive in the Pro Class. He has been racing for the last 6 years; winning a few championships along the way. Jeremy runs his own manufacturing business and is looking forward to sharing some of his experience with the OO team and helping spread the word about our addictive sport.

Rick Hone

Rick Hone – Past President

Rick and his wife Deb have been some of the hardest working people I know of supporting off-road racing in Ontario. I doubt any of you know how much you have benefited from their work behind the scenes.  Rick served as our president through 2013 and continues to be an important part of OffRoad Ontario.

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Bill Watson – Past President

Bill has served as president of Off-Road Ontario twice and he’s been involved with OO since the first day. For nearly fourty years Bill’s been involved with bikes as an enthusiast, racer, volunteer, organizer and executive. He is still involved with OFTR in the Ganaraska forest and is a crucial member of several groups who put on number of races and trail rides as well as helping to organize clubs and build trails.

“OO has been around for six years now and is now one of the biggest offroad motorcycle racing organizations in Canada, I am very pleased that all the clubs, promoters, organizers and racers get along so well and stick together. Our goal from the beginning was to make our races family friendly, highly competitive and well organized. I think everyone involved has done a great job and I am really encouraged when I see our ranks growing with lots of young kids and now lots of really good women riders. I think we still have room to improve with scoring systems, media exposure and a wider variety venues”

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Porsche Reynolds – Social Media

“I’ve been racing with Off-Road Ontario since 2009. In 2010 I won the Mini Junior class, in 2012 Ladies B, in 2013 Ladies A for Cross Country, and in 2014 the Grand Championship. I love racing with OO, and always meeting new people. I’ve made some lifelong friends. I’m looking forward to working with Delaney and the OO team for social media.”


Delaney Brogan- Marketing

I’ve been riding for 4 years and have been racing with Off-Road Ontario since 2011. Racing with OO has brought some amazing people into my life.  My best friends are definately racers. In 2013, I went on a Rotary Youth exchange to Estonia for 11 months and while I was there I became fluent in the Estonian language. Other than dirt biking, I play rugby, flag football, and volleyball.  I’m super stoked to be part of the social media team with another amazing racer and an even better friend, Porsche Reynolds.”


Bryan Kowalchuk – Web Master

Getting involved in racing a little late in the game, in my 40’s, I still fell like a perpetual beginner. Moving up from goofing around on dirtbikes as a kid, to street bikes, to raising kids and then a sudden mid-life crisis which led me to where I am today. I don’t have a wall of trophies as many of my colleagues do, but I still get out there as often as I can and try not to look too much like a fool on the race track. I have a strong passion for all things two wheels, but racing dirtbikes will always be the center of my passion; there really is nothing else like it.


Bill Fitkowski – Scoring

Bill is one of those people who is always there at an event but you don’t always see him.  He’s the guy working at a computer in the scoring area during the race but that’s only part of it.  He will be one of the first workers to arrive to get the scoring system set up and one of the last to leave after the work is all done.  Bill has been and still is involved in many of the Ontario clubs including HORRA, Timberline, ODSC and OFTR.  He chaired the Beagle Bash Enduro for twenty years with Lynn Valley, was a former Competition Director at OCMC and currently serves as Secretary for TNT Riders and Great Pine Trail Riders.  After racing primarily enduros from 1975 until 2008, Bill retired from competitive riding due to injuries and does it for fun now.


Charlie Trew Youth Racing Coordinator

Charlie has joined us in 2015 to promote and grow our youth racing division. Riding in his own youth from the age of 9 in the U.K., he remembers starting on a Suzuki ER50 and being unable to touch either foot pegs or the ground. From those beginnings he developed a strong interest for off road riding and extreme enduros in particular which led him to compete throughout the U.K. and Europe including Red Bull Romaniacs. Having recently relocated to Canada, with his wife and three children, Charlie is ready for the challenge of mentoring our aspiring young racers. If you are a parent with children racing, get acquainted with Charlie and know your kids have a great coach during the race and concerned advocate beyond the race.

Blair Sharpless – Rule Book Steward – Blair has been racing since a very young age and his achievements are considerable.  With his extensive background in offroad racing to draw on, Blair has authored much of our rule book and ensures the completeness and correct verbage of its content.