RJ’s Footage 2014

Posted May 26, 2015 By Jeremy Quinn



Here’s a preview of the track and trails at RJ’s courtesy of Curtis Rumbell.


Youth Racing Announcement

Posted May 12, 2015 By Jeremy Quinn

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It is my pleasure to introduce Charlie Trew to our youth racing program.  Thank you Charlie for accepting the challenge of working with our aspiring young off-road racers to enhance their Sunday mornings.

Charlie has over 30 years of off road riding experience and has recently relocated to Canada from the UK.  He is the father of a young racer and understands the needs of our youth and also what it’s like to be a parent with their children out racing.  You may have seen him supporting the OFTR sound tests at the Beagle Bash and Mini Pine Enduros this year.  To those parents with kids racing the PeeWee and Mini Cross Country series, you can relax a bit now while your kids are out on the course knowing that there is someone to give them guidance, and coaching while working to maintain a safe racing environment.  The youth of our sport will have someone dedicated to their specific interests and be their advocate when it comes to Off-Road Ontario organization and rule making.

Through the 2013 and 2014 seasons, Bryan Marshall worked hard to organize and advance the youth divisions along with the support of Swampy’s Racing Supplies.  Thanks Bryan for all your efforts.

Off-Road Ontario is very excited to have Charlie join us in 2015 and I’m sure the parents involved will see him as a very welcome addition to the conduct of youth racing.

Your President

Ted Dirstein


Ride Like A Girl

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Cycle News 52.21

Posted May 27, 2015 By Jeremy Quinn

Cycle News 52.21


How To: Nosewheelie

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First Triple Backflip

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triple back flip


Glen Helen MX Full Moto Streams

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