Terra Nova Enduro

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Congratulations National Enduro Champions!

Posted October 6, 2015 By Jeremy Quinn



national enduro champs 2015

Below are the winners of the National Enduro Championship comprised of La Dore and the Great Pine enduros.  Well done everyone!

Pro/Expert – Wil Mason

Expert/Itermediare – Ben Roth

Intermediate/Junior – Andrew Bean

Vet A / Senior – Rome Haloftis

Vet B / 40+ – Steve Rea

Novice A / Amateur – Tyler Saunders

Novice B – Bailey Pope

Novice C – Antonio Defilippis

Supervet A / 50+ – Sergio Dudka

Supervet B – Kevin Smith

Women A / Dame – Felicia Robichaud

Women B – Margaux Liberson




Cord Teaser

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Bellistic Films – ISDE Fundraiser Training School

Posted September 10, 2015 By Jeremy Quinn

ISDETraining Vid


This training is so much fun!  Great vid.  Go team Canada!